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This Senior Hardware Technician provides technical assistance to hardware design engineers in the prototyping, design, but primarily debug and qualification testing of controller, communications, and IO in accordance with sound and accepted engineering practices. The particular area of need is at the interface between the hardware and embedded software domains. This work includes logic analysis with logic analyzers, In Circuit Emulation support, and development of debugging code for controllers via machine code (preferred) and object oriented programming languages (OOP) such as C++. This position requires an ability to work across functional areas to troubleshoot and diagnose complex product issues. Utilizes supported ISO processes and procedures in the execution of assignments. This person will work independently on assigned projects and products under the supervision of hardware engineers. There are no direct or indirect reports or individual budgetary responsibilities.

1. Under supervision of hardware engineering personnel:
a. Supports In Circuit Emulator (ICE) platforms such as ARM Realview, Lauterbach, Trace32 etc, including, selection, set-up, and configuration. Uses hardware and embedded background to perform on chip debugging and uses emulation capabilities to assist hardware and embedded software engineers to resolve issues.
b. Provides input to custom integrated circuit or system on a chip developments to allow them to operate in an ICE environment.
c. Uses logic analyzers and oscilloscopes to help debug digital circuits. Create set-ups to allow engineers to capture detailed machine states.
d. Keeps up to date with emerging technologies and aligns internal capabilities toward the ability to instrument and debug with logic analyzers and ICE systems.
e. Writes test diagnostic code in OOP or machine code supporting debug or product initialization (machine code is a must). This includes documentation and archiving of code as necessary.
f. Uses advanced probing techniques necessary to delicate signals for both ICE and logic analyzers. Perform rework for small SMT designs
g. Takes the lead on bringing up prototype boards including loading software through emulators, JTAG, and other ways as necessary.
h. Procure lab equipment and materials needed to support product/prototype evaluations and tests.
i. Configure or load programmable devices and components as needed (e.g. EEPROM, FPGA, CPLD, etc.).
j. Configure or program modules, systems and/or networks to operate in the lab environment, including firmware, test programs, user programs, module and network settings, etc.
k. Uses knowledge of industrial controller theory of operation and key component characteristics to assist in the debug and troubleshooting hardware platforms.
l. Tracks the multiple software builds required for a given hardware build, using configuration management techniques

2. Assist hardware engineers with the release of product to manufacturing:
a. Works with manufacturing post release to monitor field returns and other failure patterns. Alerts management and engages technical leadership as issues arise.
b. Assist with the preparation of ECN’s and release documentation
c. Works in the SAP business system to create, release, and control engineering documentation.
d. Must be familiar with standard word formatting and spreadsheet applications
e. Must be able to learn Rockwell Software tools as they apply to lab and qualification testing of hardware designs.

  • Four years of experience with emulators, logic analyzers and other digital systems
  • Demonstrated application of machine code for use in debugging systems
  • Formal education / classwork around electrical circuits and programming.
  • Demonstrated experience attaching instrumentation

    Desired Qualifications:
  • At least 7 years of experience with emulators, logic analyzers and other digital systems
  • EE Tech degree, or Associate engineering degree in electronics
  • Object orientated programming experience for use in debug applications
  • Knowledge of industrial control systems, programmable logic controllers